eilean donan scotland trip road
eilean donan scotland trip road

Welcome to My Travel Prescription!

This is my corner of the web where I write about travel and food. When I am not delivering babies (read more about me here), you can find me planning my next trip to..everywhere! I don’t belive in a travel bucket list because I want to see everything. My work gives me joy but travelling makes me feel like I’ve achieved nirvana. I will not tell you to quit your job and travel – because, hey, I haven’t done that! This is for those of you who want to make use of your vacation time to see as much of the world as you can.

I also love food. Trying out new cuisines and the local delicacies of the city/region/country I am visiting is exciting. Being a vegetarian, that is sometimes not so easy but I have found ways to manage (no, not by going to Indian restaurants in Italy). You can read about my favourite restaurants and recipes in the food section but be warned they will all be devoid of meat!

I moved to England in 2016 for work and occasionally, you may find me sharing stories of my life as an expat in England. (I prefer expat to immigrant, don’t you?)

Thank you for visiting and hope you enjoy reading my blog!