About Me

Hello there! Welcome to my blog!

I am Lakshmi – doctor, mother, travel addict, foodie and dreamer.


I spend most of my free time planning my next trip. To me , travel is not only about ticking things off a list or a few days spent by the beach in an all-inclusive resort (I enjoy these too!). I like to soak in the atmosphere of the place, try different foods, road trip through the countryside, meet the local people – I come home from my trips with a better understanding of the culture and ethos of a country/region/city. The more I travel , the more I learn and grow as a person. And importantly , travelling just makes me happy – away from the stress of work and the drudgery of daily routine.


We ( I, hubby and son) moved to England in 2016 for work and we have loved our life here. Adjusting to life in a new country has not always been easy but it has been an enriching one. We have travelled extensively within the UK and experienced England in a way we would never have on a short trip from home.


An obstetrician and gynecologist by profession, I spend most of my days easing the suffering of women and delivering babies. I love my work and while it does restrict the time I have for travel, giving it up for full time travel is not something I would consider. Retiring early is my dream so I can travel without restrictions on time – probably 20 years down the line!


My 7 year old is my joy and raison d’etre! He is loving, expressive, curious and a complete mama’s boy! Being a parent has not only changed our lives but also changed the way we travel! From hectic trips and itineraries packed full of things to do, we have moved to slow travel – learning to linger over and savour each moment!


I started this blog (originally thevacationingdoctor.wordpress.com) in 2015 to share my travel stories with friends and family. Now I also write about life in England as an expat and random musings on being a mother. Being a vegetarian, we have had our fair share of adventures in our quest for veggie food wherever we go. You can find recommendations for vegetarian restaurants and some recipes too on my blog! I am a not a professional photographer ( just told you I am a doctor, didn’t I?) but am trying to learn this new skill. My photos may not be glossy like some of the other blogs out there but they are special to me. Please do not use any of them without my permission ( I can’t think of why anyone would want to use them but still..)

Thank you for visiting my blog and hope you enjoy reading it!